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Japanese Knife Sharpening

Japanese Knife Sharpening, with a belt sander. Some say that Japanese Knife Sharpening should be done exclusively on a whetstone. Today we sharpen a Yanagi on a 1×30 belt sander. Sacrilege! We will be performing a basic restoration on a … Read More

Knife Rentals at Cove Blades

Knife Rentals vs Traditional Sharpening Each kitchen is built a little different and sometimes we aren’t sure how often you will need to sharpen your cutlery. This is the primary reasons why Cove Blades offers a choice when it comes … Read More

Knife Sharpening in North Vancouver

Sharpening Knives on the North Shore Knife Sharpening in North Vancouver  – a unique place situated just across the harbour from Vancouver. A mecca for mountain-bikers and outdoor enthusiasts with no less than 3 ski hills; Cypress, Grouse and Seymour … Read More