Special Event – Knife Sharpening Service

Special Event – Knife Sharpening Service

Our special event sharpening service provides knife, scissor and tool sharpening services on-site at your location. This service can add value to your planned neighborhood event like block parties or flea markets without adding complexity. We have a fully self contained service which does not require power or shelter.

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How It Works
  1. Consult with our special events services team and set up a time for an onsite visit. Once onsite our team will collaborate with your team on best location for the Cove Blades canopy (10×10 feet). 

  2. During the event, your customers or neighbours simply bring in their knives and implements to the Cove Blades canopy to get sharpened. The usual turnaround for one set of knives at these events is 15 minutes. 

  3. Our expert bladesmiths will sharpen, hone, buff & sanitize your equipment through a proprietary 3-stage process that ensures lasting edge retention and durability.

  4. We return the knives and implements freshly sharpened on the pickup table.

  5. When your customer or neighbour arrives, they pay for the service according to our posted prices via etransfer or cash, and pickup their knives. 


Fill in the the form to the left or get in touch with us to discuss options for your special event. You can also call or text, message:

Phone/Text: 604.210.8180