How we sharpen your knives

Knife Sales vs. Knife Sharpening

Over the past year or so we have been receiving more and more knives that have been sharpened by local retail knife vendor store staff. More often than not these knives arrive here in rather poor condition. It seems that a local knife retailer is tasking store staff to use tabletop knife sharpening devices on the knives their customers paid hundreds of dollars for, which is doesn’t exactly provide for a great result. This is not how we sharpen your knives at Cove Blades.

In the image here you can see a knife that was brought to us for re-sharpening. The customer originally brought them to the vendor’s store for sharpening. They left rather dissatisfied with the workmanship and service.

How we sharpen your knives

Sharpening Equipment

If you are spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on your Kitchen knives, you likely don’t want someone that has had little to no experience using a residential sharpener on your new knives.

Since this vendor sells the Worksharp sharpener, it would make sense that they use this in the back to sharpen customer knives, but this is not a professional sharpening device, it’s primarily for home use. We know because we bought one.

This is not how we sharpen your knives

At Cove Blades we sharpen hundreds of blades per week at times, so it’s important that we have a system that will perform at blade 100, as well as it did on the first blade we sharpened. This is why we have purpose-built machines which deliver a near perfect bevel at a pre-determined angle, every time we sharpen we sharpen a knife. 

How we sharpen your knives

Sharpening knives professionally is not rocket science but it does require some training on the proper equipment. At Cove Blades, we strive to deliver “better than new” sharpness without sacrificing quality of workmanship on every blade we sharpen. 

In this video, watch our bladesmith; profile, grind and strop a variety of kitchen knives in a 3-step sharpening process that was originally perfected by Cliff Curry himself.

Note: We have compared whetstone sharpening techniques to this 3-step process and 98% of the customers can’t tell the difference. In essence, we obtain a near-whetstone sharpness in a fraction of the time which makes it affordable for our customers without sacrificing edge quality.


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