Japanese Knife Sharpening

Japanese Knife Sharpening, with a belt sander.

Some say that Japanese Knife Sharpening should be done exclusively on a whetstone. Today we sharpen a Yanagi on a 1×30 belt sander. Sacrilege! We will be performing a basic restoration on a Yanagi Sashimi Knife + sharpen this Yanagiba on a 1×30 belt sander.

– Buff away the tarnish and rust

– New Tip

– Fix chips, rolls and dents

– Apply a fresh single-sided bevel

Cove Blades provides sharpening services on the North Shore of Vancouver. We cater to residential and commercial customers mostly for kitchen knives but also have provided sharpening services for pocket knives, scissors and tools. Learn more about our knife sharpening services here

Special hat-tip to Cliff Curry of Curry Custom Cutlery in Maui for his sharpening nerdery and passion for the machines that make it fun and practicable to do on a budget:

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