Knife Rentals at Cove Blades

Knife Rentals vs Traditional Sharpening

Each kitchen is built a little different and sometimes we aren’t sure how often you will need to sharpen your cutlery. This is the primary reasons why Cove Blades offers a choice when it comes to Renting Kitchen Knives versus Scheduling Sharpening. We have some commercial kitchens that prefer to call when their knives need sharpening and others that would like to lock into a set schedule with a knife exchange / rental in mind. Here’s a little more information about Knife Rentals at Cove Blades

Knife Rentals at Cove Blades
Here is the way it works. First, you schedule a call with one of our qualified sharpening consultants and we spend some time understanding the needs of you and your kitchen staff. We will be asking questions around the types of knives you use, what the preference is on length, blade shape and exchange cadence.
Then, if both parties believe it’s a fit we arrange an on-site meeting at your kitchen where we get a look at the knives you are using on a daily basis. We also take note of the pickup/drop-off procedures for subsequent visits.  For some kitchens, the pickup/drop-off can be more complex than others. While we are on-site we also show you the knives we believe would best fit your needs in the program. This generally doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.
Then we send over an estimate that fits your schedule and knife selection. This can all be done during the meeting. In fact, our staff will generally show up with your rental knives with them, so if your kitchen approves the estimate during the meeting you can start making use of your new knives right then and there. 
So there you have it. Sharpening or Renting, both equate to sharp knives on your schedule. Give us a call, we’d love to hear about your sharpening needs!

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