Professional Knife Rentals

Knife Rentals at Cove Blades

Our professional knife rental service for commercial kitchens ensures edge retention and longevity, increasing the lifespan of your cutlery. We all know dull blades increase safety risks, here is an easy and inexpensive way to get ahead of it in your kitchen. Take advantage of our introductory offer and experience the Cove Blades professional knife rental service yourself. Inquire to find out more today.

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How It Works
  1. Consult with our professional knife rental team and select the cadence of service best suited to your needs. Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly.

  2. Our expert sharpeners and bladesmiths sharpen, hone, buff & sanitize your equipment through a proprietary 5-stage process that ensures lasting edge retention and durability.

  3. We exchange your knives at your chosen cadence ensuring maximum sharpness for working knives in your kitchen. We will visit your workspace at your chosen interval and exchange your used cutlery with freshly sharpened, polished and sanitized blades.


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