Retail Sharpening Service

Retail Sharpening Service

Our professional retail sharpening service provides knife, scissor and tool sharpening services for your retail locations. This service can add value without adding overhead for stores that already sell some or all of these implements. Take advantage of our introductory offer and 30 day risk free experience. Inquire to find out more today.

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How It Works
  1. Consult with our retail services team and set up a time for an onsite visit. Once onsite our team will collaborate with your team on best in-store location for the drop box and discuss your in-store marketing concepts, pricing and any event planning around sharpening.

  2. Once the paperwork is in order, we will deliver a smart and secure drop box with packaging for knives, scissors and tools.

  3. Your customers simply bring in their knives and implements to your location. They use the supplied knife guards and packaging to deposit the implement in the drop box. For heavier items the staff will open the compartment for the customer and carefully place the implement inside. All packaging for drops is provided and replenished accordingly.

  4. Our team will be notified electronically when packages are deposited in the box. Our system will identify the weight of the package as well. The transport staff will come by on a scheduled cadence to pick up the implements, unless there is nothing in the box.

  5. Our expert sharpeners and bladesmiths sharpen, hone, buff & sanitize your equipment through a proprietary 3-stage process that ensures lasting edge retention and durability.

  6. We will return the knives and implements freshly sharpened to the drop box and notify the customer their knives are ready for pickup at your store. 

  7. When your customer arrives, one of your store staff use the code supplied to open the secure compartment and retrieve the knives for the customer. 


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